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Message Subject INFECTION CONTROL at Midnight Mass Communion......
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
My hubby and me had moved to this new community.

Last night we went to a community church for mid-night mass.

They also offered communion.

However, They did not have the round wafers that we are normally given in other churches...

The pastor and many helpers just had a BIG LOAF OF BREAD.... that peope BROKE OFF... and then dipped in the SAME GLASS of wine.

I teach nursing.... I must say I wispered to my hubby.... I don't think we should do this. This is not sanitary.

over 200 people there ALL TOUCHING the same loaf of bread and sticking fingers in the wine class...

Geeesss Wizzzz ---- Is it me.... but really how un-sanitary can it get.

I wonder how many people will get sick from last night.hiding
 Quoting: DancesWithAngels

I agree with you. I wouldn't have touched it either. You teach nursing, so you know just how filthy people's hands can be. They touch their faces, noses, eyes, mouth (not to mention where else they've been). Yuck!
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