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Message Subject Iran has Alien technology!!! the world will be dominated by the Mighty Persian Empire AGAIN.
Poster Handle moeskyhigh
Post Content
Iran can't refine its own OIL, another thing We just need to cut off banking between our allied friends and Iran, will go into starvation mode.

Iran got so scared that the western allied nations would sanction Iranian banks they started to cooperate.

China,Russia is not enough to keep Iran living when everything gets cutoff.

there are no longer Persians, now you are known as Muslims.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 7729200

whats with the YOU....im not Iranian LOL
and like i said...iran's government is loosing its power. the ayatollahs don't even know the secret military exists. Irans secret society has brought khomeini in power, to show the people how evil islam could get. i have visited iran for a friends wedding, and let me tell you, out 20, 15 of them are losing there religion. the majority of them are young adults, which is 70% of the whole iranian population

their own secret society has now taught them this lesson that religion will take them only backwards instead of forward
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