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Message Subject Iran has Alien technology!!! the world will be dominated by the Mighty Persian Empire AGAIN.
Post Content
OK, so now we should attack Iran because it may have alien technology ?
Listen, I know it is your job to sway public opinion toward a conflict with Iran, but you are going to have to do alot better than that.

How about weapons of mass destructions ? It worked before

Or biological / germ developement that will wipe out the world population.

Sorry, but the drums of war are beginning to beat awfully loud lately. Can you turn it down a little please.


Shut yer fuckin piehole, bitch.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 6693825

Truth hurts huh SHILL. lol, you guys are pathertic. It's hard to sway people lately huh SHILL. I don't know how they recruit you dumb saps but obviously an education isn't a requirement. Your swearing and slander doesn't work anymore either SHILL. Also, just you commenting now gives credence to our posts here.

peace to all non-SHILLSpeace
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