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Message Subject Iran has Alien technology!!! the world will be dominated by the Mighty Persian Empire AGAIN.
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
This might sound very unlikely to you, but its true, and heres why

First you should know that the current regime of Iran (islamic radicals) are loosing their grip on power. Thus, this corrupted regime will fall soon or later.
Iran will be ruled by a democratic gov once and for all. However, Iran has a top secret military since the SHAH days, and they have been working and testing on alien type technologies.

there is a massive site in the deserts of Yazd province, that is well known for being the property of the gov's military. this site has fences all around it with signs stating that they have the obligation to shoot trespassers.
this area is much like the area 51, with very deep bunkers. there have been a lot of UFO sightings around the area as well.

The Iranians are advancing and spending a lot in knowledge and technology.
the ahmadinejads campaign has had the most money flow since the 70's. they received $700 billion in one year and $650 billion of it is now gone, as if though it has never been there.
they have twisted there words and lied to the general public. ahmadinejad came and said that he gave it away for Imam Mahdi

you should know that technology research requires a descent amount of energy. and whats the best way to produce energy? Nuclear energy
The Americans and Israelis are well aware of their advantage, and now using propaganda to somehow stop their advancement.
The Chinese and the Russians are monitoring Iran, and want a piece of their advancement. this is why they are standing up for Iran all of a sudden.
They have been also working on weapons that could stop nuclear explosions. they have been testing them deep underground by the help of the Russians.

Iran is now waiting patiently for Israeli and american strike.
long story short
Gradually Iran will boost their Economy, and Military prowess, and will be the new empire that will lead the world in peace if the current regime is gone by that time
 Quoting: moeskyhigh

Bring on WWIII as predicted in the Pike/Mazzini Missive!!
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 7564491

yea there will be a WWIII, but will end in couple of days. and iran will be untouched.

why do you think they are so eager for america or israel to strike?
why would they also claim they have built the first UFO

people you are undermining the Iranians.
 Quoting: moeskyhigh

Iran claimed they built a UFO?

That is an oxymoran

I missed that claim
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