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Message Subject Iran has Alien technology!!! the world will be dominated by the Mighty Persian Empire AGAIN.
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
OK, so now we should attack Iran because it may have alien technology ?
Listen, I know it is your job to sway public opinion toward a conflict with Iran, but you are going to have to do alot better than that.

How about weapons of mass destructions ? It worked before

Or biological / germ developement that will wipe out the world population.

Sorry, but the drums of war are beginning to beat awfully loud lately. Can you turn it down a little please.


im not sure if you read my post correctly.... what i meant was that Iranian regime has changed its own people's fate, and they are loosing power.
the iranians are fed up with islamic laws. thats a good thing
Iran has had a great culture and history, and since islam took power in 79, ppl are living under oppression. this is what the secret society (not illuminati) of iran wanted
they want to restore the original persian religion (Zoroastrian) back in place.
after the regime has fallen iran will be the new dominant empire, but that doesn't necessarily mean they are going to attack first!

they are waiting for america to be the first to strike

America is the new Rome. every empire goes up and crash.
its now the end of the cycle, and it will be Irans turn half a century later
but thats just my opinion
 Quoting: moeskyhigh

I get it you have a very vivid imagination but lets just peek into "REALITY" for a minute, Iran doesnt even come close to having the necesary military capabilities to become a new empire and dont give me your peace bullshit because those of us that know how the world actually works know that a strong military is needed to sustain that empire not to mention the fact that Iran would need to get by Russia and China first,you can talk about alien tech all day but in the fundamentals of combat Iran isn't up to par it doesn't matter what secret tech they have when the enemy is walking all over them, Iran can bluff all they want but believe me when I tell you the US military would destroy the Iranian military in a direct confrontation but as always you will believe what you want to regardless of any real evidence or even common sense
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