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Message Subject The Illuminati Is Stalking me HELP im scared for my life
Poster Handle jpop
Post Content
You should have never played with black magic....you just open the doors to a living nightmare and they cannot close unless you go seek help.Have faith in god and if something does happen make sure you're able to say your last goodbyes.Don't worry,calm yourself down, think about something happy, watch a comedy....you should never have fear.Don't have fear.....be happy.I hope nothing happens to you and that everything turns out okay.
 Quoting: ? 5977482

How can the Op not have fear after this post? If he/she took your post seriously or not that is, in which case telling her to calm down wont be listened to either.

I think you're just trying to help, but the post is kinda schizophrenic. Starting with be scared to death and leading to calm down, be happy.

Think about it.
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