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Geisinger Health System will no longer hire smokers

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United States
12/31/2011 04:19 AM
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Geisinger Health System will no longer hire smokers
Sorry if this was covered before, but I'm just catching up on my news and knew there'd be a few on here that would like a good scream about this...

[link to www.fox43.com]

Sorry, smoke-free work places may be debatable, but what gives an employer to dictate what legal activities their employees can do on their own time? And before anyone starts bashing because it's unhealthy, causes lost time, more expensive to insure, yadda, yadda, where are the regulations against all of the other unsafe/ unhealthy activities? If you single out one, that's discrimination.
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12/31/2011 02:43 PM
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Re: Geisinger Health System will no longer hire smokers
I agree. Banning an activity is not discriminatory, but banning the person is. An employer (or landlord) can tell people not to smoke in certain areas, but what business is it of theirs what the person does elsewhere?

I smoked for years at work, and three years in a row I won a Perfect Attendance award. So much for the BS theory that smokers miss more time at work than non-smokers because of colds or flu. The years that I won the award I was practically the only employee in my office who didn't miss a single day at work because of illness. And I was a very heavy smoker. I smoked like a STEAM ENGINE yet I never got sick!

Anti-smokers are just a bunch of nazis. I really think that they are former smokers who are green with envy watching other people enjoy a smoke.