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Unusual Crescent moon on back - solar boat? Nibiru?

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United States
01/02/2012 02:25 PM
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Unusual Crescent moon on back - solar boat? Nibiru?
I have been doing some research on Nibiru reported to cross our solar system every 3600 years. Nibiru means the crossing planet or planet X which symbolizes the crossing.

Unusual to see the moon on its back but it has been reported in the Sumerian texts and Egyptian hieroglyphics exactly as this, a solar boat and the return of Nibiru every 3600 years which is now. I believe that is why we have been seeing 2 suns in the sky all over the globe and two different moons. Couldn't this be the mysterious planet approaching again with it's 7 moons. Interesting to ponder? Here is an excerpt of my research from and ancient artifact recently discovered.

A ten-inch wide bronze disc recently discovered in Germany has helped archeologists to uncover mainland Europe's oldest-known observatory. The disc shows celestial imagery that dates back 3600 years, including a cluster of seven stars (the Pleiades?), the Moon and Sun, and an enigmatic crescent that has been officially dubbed a 'solar boat' (12). Lee Covino, who sent me a cutting from 'Archeology', the publication of the Archeological Institute of America, wonders whether the clear trinity of major celestial symbols might indicate Nibiru's inclusion (as the boat-like crescent), particularly given the inclusion of seven stars (its moons?), and the 3600 year dating. When this story first came out in early 2002 several other researchers wondered the same thing.

Since then, 'Archeology' now reports, the celestial nature of this artifact has been confirmed by the excavation of a wooden observatory near the Harz mountain range in Germany that appears to have been functional for 1000 years (12).

So is the crescent-boat Nibiru? If it is, this would be confirmatory evidence that the rogue planet appeared around 1600BC, and that its next perihelion passage is imminent.

It's perfectly possible that this ornate bronze disc was created to celebrate a rare and significant event, and the timing 3600 years ago is of crucial importance. Only time will tell.

Keep exploring. The truth will set us free.