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Was the Essex UFO wave a group of Thai fire lanterns?

User ID: 35566
United Kingdom
10/24/2005 05:58 PM
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Was the Essex UFO wave a group of Thai fire lanterns?
The brief mobile phone camera footage released recently on the Internet at
[link to www.ufos-aliens.co.uk]
and reported at GLP as showing a wave of UFOs crossing the night sky over Essex in England on October 20 has now been explained. They may have been Thai lanterns, which are often released into the air at weddings.
[link to news.bbc.co.uk]

However, Gene Harley, who filmed the objects on October 20, disagrees with this explanation. He does not say why, so we are left to judge for ourselves whether the BBC explanation of this story really holds up.

Compare the captured images at
[link to www.ufos-aliens.co.uk]
and at
[link to www.ufos-aliens.co.uk]
with the image in the BBC news article. They are clearly quite different.
OK, so perhaps the Thai fire lanterns were of a different variety? Well, none of those advertised by a company selling these lanterns at
[link to www.ribbands.co.uk]
obviously look like what was filmed.

Perhaps, then, they came from some other company? Do a Google image search for ´Khoom Faye fire lanterns´ or ´Thai fire lanterns´ and you just get the images at the ribbands website. The nearest match is the elephant, whose trunk might just be what is sticking up vertically in many of the objects. But this is more likely image distortion due to camera shake. Unless someone can actually identify what particular Thai fire lantern they were or else someone who held a party that day can come forward to claim them as his own, this explanation remains only a possibility, not a proven fact. Just because this flight of objects may have superficially looked like a swarm of Thai fire lanterns does not prove that they were such. They could not have been balloons because they were flashing red and white light at the same time, whereas balloons would have reflected either the red rear lights of cars on the M25 motorway below them or their white front lights, but hardly both at the same time. This flashing effect is, of course, consistent with fire lanterns. But it still does not prove that the objects were lanterns.

Despite what the BBC overconfidently presented as the answer to this mystery, the jury is still out on what these objects were. They remain UFOs.