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Anonymous Coward
User ID: 905924
United States
01/05/2012 12:17 PM
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I think any of the opinion "It's just a 15 year old kid" should have to serve as a police officer on the front line of any big-city police force. In such an environment he or she could quickly learn that "kids" are quite capable of doing evil and deadly actions.

For example: 12-Year-Old Boys Drop Shopping Cart on Woman [link to video.answers.com]

A real-life firearm confrontation is a fluid thing. Rather than a stationary target, you have a real person capable of moving in an unpredictable manner. Missed shots don't magically stop, they continue on and may injure another person in the line of fire. Ricochets happen. As such is the reality, a mobile gunfight in a crowded school would be one of the last things any sane person would want to occur.

If you don't want to be injured in life, don't engage in high risk activities, don't do things with bad potential outcomes, and don't be around "kids" who brandish what appear to be guns in public.
 Quoting: We Who Watch

This is plainly a person with zero real life experience.
Grow UP.
This isn't an episode of "Parenthood", this is real life. The world the cops "Risk their lives everyday" in, is the same world you shop for groceries.

If you think it's acceptable for cops to shoot this kid, then it's acceptable for cops to shoot you. Your lipstick, might be a ballistic knife, your key chain a chain weapon.

You come across as the same bleeding heart kind of person who complains when zoo keepers shoot animals instead of using trank darts. You cant have it both ways.

Why is it humane to shoot a kid with a bullet, and an animal with a dart. I can only hope that one day you fall victim to the "king shit cop" with little man syndrome.

A little reality might make you see the light.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1232279

Ummmm...it wasn't just about the cops being in danger. It was all the innocent nearby children and teachers as well.

You're right - this isn't a TV show - it's real life, life and death decisions made by a very young and very stupid young man.

User ID: 789642
United States
01/05/2012 07:36 PM
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Just heard the 911 call.. and the weapon.. odd someone told me he would have had to paint the tip of the BB gun black, that it's federal law the tips of BB guns be painted in that orange color. From pictures of the gun, Cops would have thought it was a very real gun.. Case closed..

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