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Message Subject All the contrived "doom" and no one posts the REAL doom that was in the news last night?
Poster Handle I'm4theRBE
Post Content
was it not a hint this was coming when he signed ndaa on a night everyone was distracted and adds as a signing statement that he knows it gives the president the right to indefinitely detain but not to worry b/c HIS administration would not do it?
 Quoting: I'm4theRBE


The guy will head the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.

Jesus fucking Christ. No one seems to care about these things until a Democrat is in office and then, "Oh my lordy dat der black obammer gonna push of' socialism..." hurr durr derpta derr

FFS the Bureau is charged with protecting consumers from crooked businessmen and banksters. For all of the shit that people talk about bankers on here you would think that this form of regulation would be welcomed.

Appointment Clears the Way for Consumer Agency to Act
WASHINGTON Payday lenders, money transfer agencies, credit bureaus and debt collectors, take notice: the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau is coming after you, and quickly.

Read more
[link to www.nytimes.com]
 Quoting: Wonkish

it has nothing to do with race or political party for me...it has everything to do with the fact that he signed a bill that allows for the indefinite detention of anyone anywhere...i might get some "oh but it doesnt pertain to american citizens" to that id like to point out that it says the military is not required to indefinitely detain citizens...this means they can they just dont have to like they are required to with non citizens. i was also outraged when bush signed patriot act...and when obama signed the 2nd one with the autopen.
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