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Message Subject All the contrived "doom" and no one posts the REAL doom that was in the news last night?
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Ok so NOW you guys scream your rights and constitution are being violated, what about years ago? Do you guys know what he was doing actually? I bet 90% of you all didn't read the complete article or even understand the content/reasoning of his actions. Ok so he bypassed Congress, which is by the way mostly consisting of bought corrupt Globalists that have not the best interest of Americans in mind, but only what goes into their own pockets.
From the article I found this interesting:

Supporters of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau have said the lack of a top executive has blocked the fledgling agency from taking on a number of tasks in its mandate to police the financial sector and protect consumers from fraud.

Consumer groups and labor union advocates cheered Mr. Obama’s moves.

Maybe some of you should try to look at what he's doing closer - maybe he's trying to wake some of you all up, but most are still too much sheep to realize what games are being played. He's playing some hard core poker here and you all are folding instead of calling....removing HIM isn't the solution. Look elsewhere.
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