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Message Subject All the contrived "doom" and no one posts the REAL doom that was in the news last night?
Poster Handle KnightsTemplar.TV
Post Content
The constitution hasn't been followed for a loooooong time. Just FYI and this has been happening since Bush Jr.
 Quoting: KnightsTemplar.TV

You're missing the point.

The Powers That Be have been picking and poking at the constitution for years and years.

This latest event - yesterday's event - is not a pick or a poke.

This is a PRESIDENT flagrantly and openly disregarding the law and violating the constitution in such an egregious manner that EVEN the main-stream press calls him out on it.

This is huge news.
 Quoting: Hope_Full

Don't you know that we are more concerned with Facebook and Glee and The housewives, and don't forget the Kardashians, did you know that Kim got a new hairstyle? It was on my yahoo yesterdaywtf this is news!...and Dancing with the turds and iphones ipads ipods? we don't have time to worry about Obama and how he is ruing this country. Seriously most people don't give even 1/2 a shit about our world going to hell on a rocket. I'm so sick of this place.
 Quoting: goldenmean81

Then why don't you try to help change it?
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