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Message Subject "GEOPHYSICAL EVENT" ...Ensenada Mexico.
Poster Handle ENSENADA
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When I lived in Tucson. during the 1960's we used to travel down to Ensenada to go deep sea fishing. From Ensenada all the way up through Yuma, and above hundreds of small earthquake tremors happen every day. Once in awhile a larger one will occur. The reason from Yuma and traveling north on the backside of the massive mountain ranges most of that area is below sea level. I now of one area the is close to 300ft below sea level. I have often said,"one day a massive earth quake will occur and the sea will re-claim that whole area again". Well, it sounds like the time is getting near. All that is needed is a trigger mechanism to make it happen, and what that might be is naybody's guess, but keep in mind this area is 'below sea levee' and it will be re-claimed by the sea.How the modern world of science can predict earthquakes would be new in my book, but maybe they have the methodoloy to estimate today. If this does occur, it would be a slow process and I wouldn't think any loss of life would occur, so keep us informed as this will be interesting. HLBell
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