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Message Subject "GEOPHYSICAL EVENT" ...Ensenada Mexico.
Poster Handle Dr Doom
Post Content

What kind of 'geophysical event' would destroy just one city among many others ?

Ensenada is about 68 miles from the US border.

" The topic being discussed by the scientific elite is the fact that they now have confirmation that a huge cataclysmic geological or geophysical event is about to occur any moment now that would at least destroy the port city of Ensenada Mexico. Ensenada is located at just 68 miles south of the Tijuana/San Diego border. At least 300,000 people reside in Ensenada. Among other things discussed was that they leave the city as soon as possible. It has been revealed to us that in fact many of the foreign scientists working at the CICESE and other well-connected individuals in the Baja California elite have left Ensenada. "

[link to www.extremumspiritum.com]

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