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Aussie cricket has cancelled DOOM!

User ID: 1384072
01/17/2012 02:26 AM
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Re: Aussie cricket has cancelled DOOM!
Australia has truly shown India's mediocrity as a cricket team. All India's records are produced at home in their "Third World" country jokes of batting pitches! HaHa!

With the exception of Sachin the rest of the batting line up are pretenders!

Last tour India hurled a lot of crap at us. Accusing us everything from cheats to racists. All that from a nation that invented the caste system who discriminate on a daily basis to their own countrymen. Big words from a third world nation where the rich just crap all over the poor!

Karma is a bitch! Is it not Western World Wannabe's!
 Quoting: CRICKET CRAZY 1384072

Careful mate. Still a long summer to go and I remember Sharma tearing us a new one all too well!
 Quoting: Zero Point

We'll be right mate! As Steve Waugh once said "Never in Doubt"

 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1384072

You beauty. India cricket is woeful! I can small 4 Nil coming on!