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Message Subject N.W.O Tactics from someone who's experienced them firsthand
Poster Handle Reiz
Post Content
On one hand this is a bit of a surprise considering the other discussions actually got some responses rather quickly. Naturally with a healthy portion of BS flaggers mixed in for our daily dose of vitamin Douchebag. Part of a balanced diet.

On the other hand the subject matter I discuss is kinda on the very fringes of batshit crazy crackpot insanity that sometimes makes even the wackiest esoteric go "I think you need to see a doctor, here I'll call them for you."

Ah well, at the end of the day all I really care about is that the information is out there for anyone to see free of charge. If they decide its too far out of their comfort zone to read or ask questions on that's their business.

This thread is open to questions for as long as it exists. For now I'm off to bed and will check back tomorrow.
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