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Message Subject N.W.O Tactics from someone who's experienced them firsthand
Poster Handle Reikara
Post Content
All b.s flag folks are probably sleeping.

Now my thoughts are, will regular meditation help "deflect"(lack of a better word) haarps intrusive frequencies? How do you suggest we fight it off?
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1407980

All mediation does is put you into an altered state to make projecting/ concentration easier. If you want to ward off invasive frequencies you need to be alert 24/7. Generally speaking your typical sheep isn't going to recognize a change in their own thought patterns.

It's not even necessary to know how to project or meditate to any degree of professionalism to "deflect", or rather ignore that kind of programming, so long as you're more consciously aware of your likes, habits and thought process in daily life. It's normally very subtle but it'll make you "want" to do something you normally would not do, perhaps it's not in your routine or suddenly you no longer enjoy doing something you would.

All it takes is to critically analyze any weird behaviour, thoughts and wants you may start exhibiting. Ask family or those close to you if this new behaviour is strange to them also. Basically as long as you're aware and conscious of this change you're able to override it by your own willpower, no tin foil hats or paranoia needed.
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