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Message Subject N.W.O Tactics from someone who's experienced them firsthand
Poster Handle Reiz
Post Content
Reikara's method is definitely good for people who are straight up beginners in the ways of energy. It is of course the most labor intensive though for that reason. The HAARP influence system was designed for use against the masses that have been kept in the dark about how energy works. It was not designed to handle those who understand how barriers work.

I was trying to find where I talked about this in my Training Energy thread but that's taking too long so I'll just type it again.

When you compress your aura you are making it thicker. If you have enough energy in can become thick enough to legitimately act as physical armor. However it also becomes much more resistant to being stirred by external EMF forces like HAARP.

Think of stirring water with a dry stick, it's pretty easy because the water is so thin. But lets say you try that with thick mud, not going to be so easy is it? And if the mud is thick enough it might even snap the stick.

Compressing your aura and tuning it to be very resistant to change will effectively negate the broadcast component of HAARP. Now if they really want you they're gonna need to do something a lot more targeted.

Starting with just being conscious of your own thoughts and feelings is the best start though because it also provides a good foundation for meditation in general and more advanced forms of energy control.
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