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Message Subject N.W.O Tactics from someone who's experienced them firsthand
Poster Handle Reikara
Post Content
What kind of silly crap is this?

No, I'm not a shill. Please show links that prove what you are saying and I will believe you. From, e.g., the US Patent Office
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 0

That's like asking for a scripture for proof of the existence of a god. lol

Ask for something solid and logical and we might consider dignifying it with a proper response.

Every once in awhile I try to do a thread like this to try educating people as best I can. I understand that there's a vast number of total retards on the internet who don't posses a single iota of rational intelligence as far as I'm concerned. [...] They're the ones who design stupid tests to see if a person is legit or not, like writing out a complex chemistry problem to see if an alleged chemist is really a chemist likely without realizing that being able to answer that question only proves they had a means to answer it and nothing more.

Or demanding proof in the form of pictures, video, or incredibly specific information without considering that said information may put that persons life at risk and that even if said picture or video was legitimately real there are innumerable ways that people could also legitimately argue that it is a fake. Such people are the awakened sheep, and are not worth my time or acknowledgment.

I do this for the people who are truly intelligent skeptics who will critically analyze my information and not judge it at face value or by childish tests.
 Quoting: Reiz
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