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Message Subject N.W.O Tactics from someone who's experienced them firsthand
Poster Handle humanitech
Post Content
When someone is messing with you, they are using evil. You can feel it, you can return the thing to the sender. You just
use your God given power and push it right back to them.

It has been felt by me. I don't let people use things on me.
God gave us the power to take care of ourselves, so use them.
 Quoting: Daughter

Sorry Friend, but while I understand the need for personal strength and courage... stupid god delusions are beyond a joke. Can you honestly tell that to the people who just got scorched in and outside their churches in Nigeria and some other religious folk who got killed in their mosques or in the streets of many unstable countries, through wars and bombings and all manner of events...are really protected under their gods...really????

Sorry, but you are foolishly living in complete denial of reality and therefore talking completely delusional crap, but probably just lucky enough to be living somewhere safer so that your bubble thoughts on life seems real.
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