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Message Subject N.W.O Tactics from someone who's experienced them firsthand
Poster Handle Reiz
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Also, before I was put into those I would get scanned at night. There was a very noticeable vibratory sweep that would go from left to right on my head and face. It was plainly tactile, there's no way you'd say it was your imagination. I later learned, through tracking several people down, that these scans were used to get the latest data on my memory of people energy signals and etc so that the illusion would be as complete as possible.

This is one of those examples that Reikara mentioned of some of the tech that was a dead giveaway that it was the NWO or an equivalent faction. Although in reality this scan and the Scarecrow World itself was tech that a race known as the Avaras exclusively had. Again I only learned this after gathering some intel. And since the Avaras are no longer active here and were not truly allies of the NWO (which Reikara more accurately defined as being the Earth military) the chances of that happening again are pretty slim. As far as I can tell that tech was never shared or acquired by anyone else. And it goes far beyond the NWO's illusory tech.
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