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Message Subject N.W.O Tactics from someone who's experienced them firsthand
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
OP what you're talking about appears to be astral travelling.

I think of astral travelling as BS. Have you considered that the NWO considers astral travelling as mental masturbation and actively encourages people to astral travel.

The NWO fights with weapons and information, unless you have these things you don't a hope. If you think you're fighting the NWO and just sitting in your lounge room doing nothing you'll achieve a sense of accomplishment while doing nothing. This is used to pacify people who would otherwise protest at the very least.

The NWO kills people through using medical conditions and stealth methods of dispatch. The electric gun for example.

The only way to understand the NWO methods and motivations is to be one of them.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 8389702

That's interesting considering the physical wounds we've suffered during a supposed flight of fancy. And I don't mean the normal psychosomatic stuff like bruises and welts, but burns, cuts, internal damage and the like. Its a little phenomenon I dubbed the Kruger Effect and I've already discussed it in at least two of the discussions I linked at the top. Likewise the fact that I've confirmed that I've inflicted the same on others as well as other physical evidence kinda blows the imagination theory out of the water. I've also detailed some of the evidence we have to back up our "belief" in this in the "My boyfriend and I..." discussion Reikara started. Its more than a little bit.

Astral projection is not the only form of projection.
 Quoting: Reiz

Me again with a different ID.

OP are you aware of the electromagnetic encelphalograpy technology?

It's a form of simulated schizophrenia in which the electromagnetic waves of the brain are manipulated to direct the path of action potentials in the brain. This creates hallucinations which are usually disordered until mental images are created using ultra sonic subliminal messages.

For instance you might be sitting on your couch looking at a TV and someone could disrupt your perception to make the TV look like a furry rabbit so you would see the rabbit not the TV.

It sounds like in your case the rabbit is punching you or otherwise injuring you so you should reconsider what it is that your government doesn't like about you. If you're a law abiding citizen you shouldn't have any need for concern. Most cases of alien abduction are conducted by doctors after applying this technology to abductees to convince them of their abduction.

It's mostly used by security services pranking people for information. For instance it was used in gulf war 2 to coerce Iraqi commanders into surrendering. High value terrorists are also subject to this technology typically those with access or the desire to acquire NBC weaponry.

If this technology is being used against you then our good friends the Americans aren't abiding by a moratorium against torture. We should frown at them but chances are you're doing something really wrong. Simply being a woowoo doesn't attract this kind of harassment.

Good luck dood, you sound like you need it.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 8389702

I thought of that as well but eventually ruled it out. However I have and still do get implanted with hallucinations up there though. As one example one of my comrades will appear to pull his gun on me and pull the trigger. However the hallucinations are only visual and auditory and because of that I've managed to shrug them off for the most part.

Sometimes a "monster" of some type will suddenly appear and lunge and me but again there's zero energy or intention to it so it doesn't even phase me anymore. It feels fake. So far this hasn't been done to me physically yet and I'm not sure why. Perhaps its plausible deniability again but I'm not sure.

Welll I can't say it doesn't phase me, it is more than just annoying. Also there were two incidences where a very high level of this ability was used on me to the point where even energy signatures were matched. I only recognized it was fake because people were acting odd and asking for odd information they shouldn't need.

Long story short a group had concocted a ploy to make me not believe I'm "me", then they wanted me to prove I was me by going to a map and pointing to the location where a certain something would be if I was me so they could show me it wasn't there. As soon as they asked me to point that something out I got super suspicious and purged the energy from myself which broke me out of the illusion.

The second time was a straight up assassination attempt which brought me nanometers from very real death and was what confirmed beyond any shadow of a doubt that this shit is absolutely real.

I dubbed these environments the "Scarecrow World" after the Batman villain. I haven't been locked in one since.
 Quoting: Reiz

As long as you realise it's just a hallucination you should be fine. But if you get injured you're in trouble, as for the assassination attempt it's probably a bad idea for me to be talking to you.

Try to be a better person (Behave, if you obey the law and don't take the paranoia seriously. They're unlikely to want to kill you.) and also pay your taxes if applicable. They like that, sure you could save money by hiding it in company accounts but they love your money as much as you do so give it to them. Appeasing them could save you and always act within the letter of the law, you should be fine.

Again good luck dood, you may need it.
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