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Message Subject N.W.O Tactics from someone who's experienced them firsthand
Poster Handle WeAreOne
Post Content
Eh, don't pay any attention to that whack job AC.

Your OBEs, are you able to describe what happened in those? Did you talk to anyone? How exactly were you searching? It sounds kind of similar to something I know that happened to Reiz.

We were able to recover deeply archived past life memories via a rather strange method which may potentially help you to recover your own from this life if you want to hear it.
 Quoting: Reikara

Thank you for the reply. I was hoping this might happen!

The OBE's was something I moved onto which went beyond what I was being taught so had to do alone. There were many things about my higher state which raised questions that couldn't be answered via meditation and I was searching for a more direct link. All my OBE's were done alone.

My medium called my higher self a guide but I knew it transcended that. I was shown things that initially were both baffling and remarkable. Like how if you put my Mum's Dad next to me you couldn't tell the difference, we were almost twins. Not uncommon but I'm adopted. He killed himself long before I came along. This an my Mum's unborn child were both keys to something else I was trying to discover.

My first few OBE's I was on my own I remember the first time I journey'd further than my room was to a friends house and when I later phoned them and said what they were doing I was 100% spot on in every detail. I can remember these OBE's very clearly and I could also see other souls as I was travelling around. For these OBE's I was at complete peace and love.

My problem is I then went further (outside of time which is why "The end of days" has a different meaning to me) and had assistance from another entity and journeyed outside of this realm. I was much more nervous here which is why I requested an entity (so-to-speak) to help. I can now only remember the sensations but not the visuals.

Fast forward to the present and I simply cannot remember what it was or what I did to get to that state. I am searching for the way back because I know I am stronger than ever and this is the key to something else much higher.

I cannot believe I'm even publicly talking about this, especially on here.
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