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Message Subject N.W.O Tactics from someone who's experienced them firsthand
Poster Handle Reiz
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Thank you very much for your reply. I would like to know more about the writing. I am, and my profession is, creative so that will help.

I'm under the impression that I was asked not to spend much time on previous lives because my previous lives were quite mundane and it would only increase the questions. I don't believe I was ever in a position of power where the answers could have been made clear. I would have had the sheeple perspective rather than the truth if that makes sense?
 Quoting: WeAreOne

The writing process seemed to help us reconstruct the memory one bit at a time. You take the details you know and think of how things might've logically progressed. It's a very hands off method and maybe that's why it worked so well at opening those archives. Sometimes just talking about events will stir up more memories. Like telling someone an anecdote. For both our stories we have zero control over the plot, characters, events, everything. We were really just trying to transcribe the visions and the emotions and thoughts and everything else that was flooding back to us. It was far too much too fast for us to write though, and so we never got much down on paper. Over time we've forgotten all these events all over again. like Reikara said 30,000+ years of memory is a lot to remember.

As for not needing to focus on certain past lives, I can sort of relate. The vast majority of my lives were spent largely as some form of soldier usually using magic or as an engineer or craftsman and sometimes the two overlapped. And later on when I and others figured out how to turn off the aging part of our genetics it became just one long string of missions interspersed with vacations and sometimes one shot incarnations like the one I'm in now. I do know that a few of my lives were very mundane where literally nothing exciting happened. At least by comparison to what I was used to, and I remember very little of those lives because of it.

Some information is important though. Remembering how I learned to use magic for example is a very good thing to remember because I can just do the same thing again and rebuild that capability. Something I'm having quite a lot of success in. And I wouldn't even have considered merging had I not remembered a certain one shot incarnation where I'd done it before.

I like using Assassin's Creed as an analogy, of Desmond going into the animus and remembering all the skills and lives of his ancestors and having all that knowledge and experience bleed over into his body because his full sensory immersion into the memories meant he was learning as well. Not just a passive observer.
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