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Message Subject N.W.O Tactics from someone who's experienced them firsthand
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Alright, question. I've experienced sleep paralysis and subsequent OOBEs a number of times now, always against my will, and I always feel that a malicious force is attempting to harm me. I went from knowing little on the subject to suddenly one day being sucked out of my body. This began about three years ago and each time it happens (Typically at least once a month) It becomes harder for me to regain control of myself both physically and mentally. I'm locked in a state of being pulled (and pulling myself) between the astral and physical realms.

Another strange thing to note is that 90% of the time I can tell that it will happen before I can to sleep. Call intuition or what have you, but I'm normally aware of when it will happen.

I've attempted to astral project from a waking state before without much success, which I've attributed so far to my own fears due to my negative experiences thus far with OOBEs.

Anyway, to get right down to the point, does this sound to you as an attack from from the astral plane as you described in your first post Reiz?
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 8361366

So here's a question to better diagnose your situation. Does it legitimately feel like an attack, do you ever see or more importantly feel the presence or intent of another being there when it occurs? Or do you think it's an attack simply because you have no other explanation for involuntarily leaving your body?
 Quoting: Reikara

I had this as well and for me it most certainly felt like an attack. It was always coupled with an extremely high pitch ringing in the ears that would undulate in, giving me the sensation of my third eye being crushed (It seriously, seriously hurts....) And even though I tried to control it and to even perceive it as a good thing, the pain is so unbearable that it through me off my path of discovery in this field. Once I walked away from this..... it stopped, yet another reason why I see it has negative and possibly an attack.

I thank you in advance for sharing your knowledge. I have a feeling I was getting close to something and at some point I encountered a fork in the road and took the wrong turning.

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