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Message Subject N.W.O Tactics from someone who's experienced them firsthand
Poster Handle Reiz
Post Content
Hi Reiz,
Interesting thread and thanks for your openness!

I do have quite a few questions.

3) What do you see for the future of mankind this year and over the next 10 years? Will there be a WWIII? With the NWO/Elites go ahead with their plans? Will there be divine intervention and a "statis"?

 Quoting: Spotty 8452635

Right so last night I got all determined to draw out the hidden energy of my body. Well its not really hidden its just inaccessible. And there's a lot of it, more than enough to prove useful. Problem is that it seems a few people didn't like the fact that I was once again able to shake off their mind control for a brief period of time.

Short version of this is that since 2008 the NWO has tried its damdest to keep me all passive and lazy. Its actually why I got started on this path in the first place because when I was finally tryng to seriously write down my sotyr which I still thought was just a story I got visited one night and got a couple implants stuck in me which literally stopped my writing overnight. Also left me with a severe phobia of exposed windows for awhile because I actually saw a flash outside from the corner of my eye, got up and looked, saw te figure of at least one person, lookked like they raised their right hand, then a staggered series of redish whit flashes.... then suddenly its morning and I'm laying in my bed with various cuts on me and I had a very obvious thing embedded in my neck that clearly wasn't natural.after that I went "hmm, maybe all that conspiracy stuff isn't so bullshit after all." and at first delved even deeper into my research for my book which happened t be researching real military tactics, equipment, etc to see if what I'd imagined up was realistic because I was anal for realism in my stories. Nothing could be in them that was impossible or totally irrational. Turned out everything I'd made up was exactly right. The I decided "Fuck it, I'm not going to live in a slave world, I'd rather die fighting to free it." and started putting all my physics research into magic and all of Reiz's methods, tactics, and knowledge from the story into practice in an attempt to replicate them physically. I told myself that the internet was a great resource but the only way I'll know for sure is by going out and finding it myself. There's more to that story but I'll leave it for later.

Anyways back to the present. This morning after my semi successful attempt I got scanned or something in a very specific part of my brain that I'm still researching as to what it is and what it does. It wasn't the normal sweeping scans I'm used to, this was targeted. Maybe it was to stimulate something, put an implant in, take one out, I don't know.

Along with that, specifically while I was getting that shock I could hear and see into the "next octave" for a few moments. There was at least one guy in what appeared to be full military gear and an assault rifle outside my door. Then I phased back to here and couldn't see him anymore. But in my relaxed state I would constantly phase back in a bit and then snap out of it because I'd plainly hear people walking around and sometimes talking. Although they weren't talking English so I don't know what they were saying. From the few snippets I did hear I could guess that it might've been Russian but I'm not sure.

Anyways I've been distracted the whole damn day because of this. I've wanted to write up both this and the answer to that third question al friggin day but every time I try my body rebels and won't let me. Hell if the NWO had its way I would do nothing but pace back and forth all day long only stopping when I'm absolutely starving or dehydrated. Fucking bastards. Oh and its things like this which are why I answered yes to "do you believe in things like the movie Scanners".

Oh you might ask "But Reiz aren't you scared?" No, I've gotten used to this and the whole imminent possibility of death thing, and I also know I do have a bit of support in this area. Its a long story.

But like Reikara said, when they manipulate you its a feeling based thing. Sometimes I will want to go walk to my computer and I'll get a sudden powerful urge that scream "NO! DON'T! GO OVER HERE!" And I will freeze in place. I physically cannot move until I either succumb to the urge or tell it to fuck off and continue on my way only to have it come back a little later.

So sorry that I didn't answer your question yet. I'm writing this out of spite of their bullshit control tactics. They can keep trying all they want but I'll keep finding ways to wiggle out.
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