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Message Subject N.W.O Tactics from someone who's experienced them firsthand
Poster Handle Reiz
Post Content

Hi Reiz,
Interesting thread and thanks for your openness!

I do have quite a few questions.

3) What do you see for the future of mankind this year and over the next 10 years? Will there be a WWIII? With the NWO/Elites go ahead with their plans? Will there be divine intervention and a "statis"?

Keep in mind I am NOT a prophet nor will I ever claim to be. My answers are based on theories I've constructed from my observations and experiences, etc.

Future of mankind? No idea, that's too broad of a question.

Will there be a WW3? Its looking that way. Seems the USA is doing everything they possibly can to aggravate Iran, Russia and China. Probably because they want them to attack first so the USA can argue that its the victim and justify the war to the people.

The whole Ron Paul situation is interesting because it looks like its either going totally to plan or threw the NWO for a loop. By generating all this conspiracy commotion around him and having very blatant cases of trying to censor and smear him they inevitably will make him look like the good guy to the people. But as a person he seems genuine and his ideas have the most common sense of anyone elses I've heard. I think the rush to WW3 is in part because of him, .like they'd start it then he comes in office and now it becomes his problem. Thus totally defeating the reasons he went into office in the first place. Although you could argue that he'd be trying to make peace as fast as possible so he could bring troops home.

I also think that its in the NWO's best interest to let him in because he has the backing of the military. Considering that more and more high ranking officers are protesting government policy I think that if Ron Paul didn't get in it might trigger a coup de'tat which is the only thing that could possibly get the American people off their asses and into action. Even if they assassinated him I highly doubt people would do anything.

People on here have this strange belief that suddenly the whole nation would rise up against the government if such and such happens. Well to be honest they won't. the economy could die and people wouldn't rise up. Martial law could be officially declared and people wouldn't rise up. Hell Obama could go on TV and tell the people that the government has been playing them all like a cheap violin and people wouldn't rise up. I'm not sure if y'all've noticed but things are so incredibly blatant right now that by these peoples beliefs the USA should be in civil war RIGHT NOW. Yet the masses simply don't give a fuck. They cling to their routines for sanity, there's no way they'd suddenly want to change their whole way of life. They're scared, confused, and helpless. They lack any sort of training or group mentality that would allow them to even stand a chance against the military. On top of that they have no clue how to be in charge. They are followers, not leaders, that's what they've been conditioned to be. They'll never unite unless they know have definite strength on their side

The military is based on a sense of community and obedience. They're more of a wild card They may or may not revolt, but if they do so they'll probably do it in a large group, not like us here who only really do it individually. However that sense of obedience may make them not want to change either, to tip them over the edge vigilantes and paramilitary groups tend to help a lot. It may be very hard for a cop or soldier to turn on what is essentially their family, but if a well trained individual or group appears and starts doing the things that cop/soldier only doesn't do because he's part of the military/police it may weaken the grip the dogma has on him. Like how a store employee may really want to tell off a rude supervisor but doesn't for fear of being fired, another customer does not have that restriction and so can tell off the supervisor more freely. Can't get fired from a place you don't work.

And in the military’s case they still get to say they're doing their jobs, its just that now there's one less corrupt person there, and they may be able to start exercising more honesty because of it. And who knows maybe they'll feel free enough after awhile that they'll completely defect and become a freedom fighter as well. Normal totalitarian responses to this behavior is to crack down even harder on dissent. But as the old saying goes "Trying to run a dictatorship is like holding sand in your hand, the harder you squeeze, the more it slips through your fingers."

This is likely why the NWO has adopted a softer more covert approach to the current regime, but eventually it would be forced to either clamp down or admit defeat and let things change. Or more likely, nuke the whole place so no one can have it.

Will the NWO go ahead with their plans. Hard to say what their plans even are anymore. It appears that things have changed and that they've shifted quite heavily in some othere direction. I think this is why there's a lot of certain conspiracy theories that suddenly appear to be complete bullshit. Its not they really are complete bullshit its that those things are no longer part of the plan as far as I can tell.

I don't know if the genocide thing was ever there to begin with. Specifically I don't know if they ever planned on actively killing people or just not saving people from something. Or a combination of both. Some intel I'd gathered pointed to a series of tests for the public that have been taking place for I don't even know how long. But especially in recent times. With the final one possibly involving a "global emergency" which may or may not actually exist where people would be told to go to government safe zones where they would be safe. In reality whoever went to said zones would be culled from the population, whereas those who knew better would live. Basically eugenics.

Yes, one of the things I've learned is that the Illuminati actually had good intentions for humanity believe it or not. But their methods were totally backwards. To them, mass death wasn't all that bad because the soul will just incarnate again later so no one really got hurt. And all they have been doing is separating the smart people who understood peace and balance and critical thinking and all that from the dumb ones who got easily swept up in anger and obeyed their leaders without question. I on the other hand argue that they don't have a fucking clue what they're doing.

A: They have no guarantee that the people will remember any of this “lesson” or even realize they were being tested at all the next time they incarnate.

B: They might reincarnate and be predisposed to falling into the same indoctrnatory traps now.

C: People who die violent and/or emotionally traumatic deaths have a much higher chance of bringing those scars with them to the next incarnation where they can manifest unconsciously at first. Both Reikara and I know this from very personal experience, you live by the sword you die by the sword.

D: They've made their conditioning so strong that there's basically no “wheat” to be separated from the “chaff”.

E: They are the ones deciding for humanity what is good and bad which makes them no better than dictators. What right do they have telling another race and culture how to live? They argue that they're trying to unify humanity but in reality they're only standardizing it.

F: They manipulate from the shadows instead of trying to teach anyone these morals directly. Usually the argument here is that “Its best if a subject doesn't know they're being tested.” but in reality none of this 'teaches' anything.

G: They've created an artificial hierarchy by hoarding all the knowledge of magic and such to themselves. As such they could waltz in and people would worship them as gods because to them gods are the only beings who could possibly be capable of such things. And of course it always nice to be a god and have droves of people at your feet isn't it?.

I have my reasons for believing that they genuinely had good intentions but it doesn't excuse their methods.

As for divine intervention, the divine don't exist although some would like to think they're above humans or others because they know magic and we don't. Anyone who comes to me saying how god will protect them or how earth is sacred and all that clearly doesn't have a clue. It s not that all “immortals” are bad, hell some of my best friends are celestials. Is that the concept of an absolute all loving all powerful protector is completely ludicrous. Yes, some of them do watch over people because they genuinely care about them. Yes its possible for a person to straight up make a universe if they know how to. But at the end of the day they're still just people just like everyone else.

So if you ask me if we're going to see divine intervention from an all knowing all seeing all powerful god? No.

And I don't even know what you mean by “statis”

Sorry I know I probably confused some people more. I could easily write a book out of all this. I can't tell the entire story in one post.
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