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Message Subject N.W.O Tactics from someone who's experienced them firsthand
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Hi Op thanks for posting your information. I was touched by the things you have said could you please respond to the following reply and questions..? Thanks in advance.

May i recommend you the following 3 video's below? Its pretty much allot of what you have said. In a nutshell the video's are about how to defend your self against astral attacks (whether this is done by "military", magicians, "demons", interdimensionals et's or simply people who work for the Kabal TPTB they them selves are highly trained into astral projection to attack those who are aware enough or may become a threat. The video's also tells you of how they can monitor any human who is starting to really wake up by the "frequency" they emit, its like a radar so to speak...when that happens strange things or even threatening things may happen

You have the right to defend your self no matter what.
Love & light wont cut it...

Also i have some questions for you.

I have researched allot of our ancient history, et's, mind control, OBE, NDE etc.

To me this reincarnation cycle is meant to be unfair by design. Reincarnation used to be something to strive for a long long time ago, because you where aware of who you are and where you came from and you could decide any time to leave that "incarnation" after you have gained enough experience=learning without going through the "amnesia" phase.

I also want to point out as you have said in your first post

You wrote: "nothing can hurt you “up there”.... i agree with that one because:

If they can influence/manipulate us via the astral planes together with the physical influence/manipulation, is it logical to say when we die we go to that exact same astral place called "heaven" with all its hierarchical planes of existence. With numerous people (NDE & OBE) saw these ARC-angels carrying a sword...You either go to an christian astral plane or islamic plane or budhist plane or fill in the gaps...we all know these religions are heavily screwed up for the main purpose to brainwash the masses. Or your either convinced its a good idea to incarnate again with all their love & light attempts to convince you its a good idea. You see its about steering your free will or is it more like tricking you. I know they have the means to give you this feeling of blissful "love" just as some drugs here can give you that illusion of bliss full love....
Together with the "light" as i can recall from your experience:

"lookked like they raised their right hand, then a staggered series of redish whit flashes.... then suddenly its morning and I'm laying in my bed" this was for me very revealing as it confirms my own research, remember that flash device in MEN in BLACK? It make sure you forget the whole experience or they make sure they replace the actual experience with a false one...This flash of white LIGHT is very common in et abduction stories

I do not believe in ASCen(d)SION (ascend to ZION) why would i become better? Are we not already whole and complete? We just have forgotten it through the barrage of mind control, food poison, suffering, dna alteration---junk dna used to be fully functioning until we got highjacked)

As for learning a lesson here well that to seem to be not logical. You come here live your life die come back with amnesia. You see why the human race as seen in history is filled with WAR, SUFFERING because we are not allowed to learn to make this a better place hence: " history repeats itself" Is there something to learn for a soul incarnating here as baby/child and to be r@p%d, murdered. Where is the love in that? Its more like nazi thinking...If you remember the many ethnic cleansing in our history its because they wanted to experience that...lol all at the same time right? Its like they gathered in a group by the 1000s before the incarnate and agree "lets have some fun" let them butcher us, kill us etc. It completely makes no sense at all. And ofcourse these poor souls take the traumatic experience with them when they pass over to the other side.

Walking straight into the light at the end of the tunnel and to be greeted by Love good job m8 now how about you going back again hey?

This love and light fallacy is pushed by the new age heavily. And that we as humans are to blame for everything bad that happens on earth....completely ignoring the heavy mind control through school, tv, medicine, food poison and the inter dimensional influence to keep us sedated and asleep of who we are and where we came from....they are here for to feed us energy wise. The Kabal and their basterdised version of the tree of life (kabbalah) and their interdimensional rulers as the masters of the kabal who act like the priests keeping the secrets al for them selves.

Who is the higher self of these interdimensional beings who seem to enjoy a long and free life and yet try to mess with us....?

My dream: FREEDOM, do not hurt any other spirit, do not abuse free will, experience other realities including the universe/planets, experience other life forms and befriend them and learn from them, experience new emotions, experience true love, and help those who are trapped against heir will. I believe there is no end into experiencing all the above except maybe the traps. And to regain my MEMORIES of who i am and where i came from EVERYTHING! To me that is true awakening not some bs story about Ascend to ZION (ascension)
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