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Message Subject N.W.O Tactics from someone who's experienced them firsthand
Poster Handle Reiz
Post Content
I have found that my imagination seems to be very tied with projection. Before I knew what I was actually doing I used to call it "Lucid Daydreaming" because it totally sucked you in and feels very real unlike normal imagination. You can't even perceive the world around you anymore in that state. And so that's what I do, I try to completely detach and just daydream like that, projection also feels fundamentally different than imagination. I know the difference so ll I need to do is invoke that feeling and off I go. Although to this day my initial reaction to everything is that I imagined it and I really need to stop that. I just don't like taking things at face value it makes me uncomfortable. But I know for a fact that I always have the most power when I really just let myself go, sometimes it even bleeds into the physical for some.... umm.... "interesting" results.

So I really need to remove these last shreds of doubt I have down here, if I don't I'll be forever holding myself back and I won;t allow that.

I mean fuck I confirmed beyond a shadow of a doubt that I could control wind and weather at will. To the point where I could go "no I don't want it to rain today" and then after about an hour of twisting the energy it would be nothing but pure sunny skies. It only took an hour because someone was constantly fighting my changes >_>

Funny that this group seemed so intent on keeping weather miserable. Without that resistance I could get the same job done in 10-20 minutes. I once even had a whirlwind around me while I was inside a building. Although I shut it off as soon as it blew some poor girls books right out of her hands. Naturally I just walked away from that awkward situation. Didn't really think I could do that.

So yes doubt bad, doubt holds energy back. Fake it till you make it and believe in yourself all along the way.
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