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Message Subject N.W.O Tactics from someone who's experienced them firsthand
Poster Handle Reiz
Post Content
Lol another nwo fan,

However they do have the means to wipe your memories:

[link to www.dailymail.co.uk]

If they can do that they could wipe more then only your bad memories, i wonder where the NWO got this design from to make these pills Mkultra=nazi or even beyond that from these inter dimensional beings/et's who can operate in the astral (where most people end up when they pass over imo) and in the physical whether through direct influence or via their nwo helpers....so it could make sense that the amnesia is forced upon us before incarnating here. I read allot of experiences of people telling the astral is a place full of magic but also very advanced technology and it feels just as physical as here, together with different kinds of beings raging from humans, thoughtforms, "angels" animals, dragons, demons, et's (like the grays, nordics etc)

Op what is the best way to do a astral projection without you being attacked by dark beings? Some times people tell me you have nothing to gain from the astral because its full of deception and lies and while others tell me no its a good place to learn....
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1344892

One of the only ways I can think of would be to suppress your energy so you're not easily detected but that requires some specialized skills and knowledge. Other than that you could go to what we call your "sacred garden" (or "happy place" if you prefer :P) which you can kinda think of as being your house. It's both fully in the spirit realm but separate from it and unique to you. Everything in your garden is in some way under your direct control. So if you go their and set up a bunch of security it will help a lot. People can break in though, hence the security.

Its both full of lies and deception AND a good place to learn. No different from here. You just have to keep your wits about you and actually critically examine what you're learning no different from here. If you go up there with the mindset that now you're dealing with pure divine beings who care oh so much about you and would never lie to you, then its a place of deception.

One of the first traps they try to catch you in is what I'll call the ego trap. They try convincing you that you are some very super spethal important person that everyone should worship. Obviously if you go along with this you're fucked because your learning and usefulness stops right there. Some do this as a prank because one of the stereotypes of terrans is that we're all incredibly gullible and will treat anything we don't understand like a god and obey it unquestioningly. So that prank doesn't go away cuz usually someone somewhere will try it just because.

The best one I was ever told was that I was a paradox, and that the more you stacked the odds against me the more likely I am to win. Therefore even if everyone called me a raving lunatic and disowned me it would only work in my favor. Obviously that's a load of bullshit but I have met some people that must've been told the same thing and believed it. I always took that stuff to be dehumanizing because basically what I was getting told was that I was just some dudes tool that he's using to get some job done. It totally devalued all the personal effort I've ever put into anything in my life because I was the "chosen one". That's why I always told those people to fuck off because if it were really true then I might as well just commit suicide and they can make another tool cuz I refuse to be that.
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