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Message Subject N.W.O Tactics from someone who's experienced them firsthand
Poster Handle Reiz
Post Content
Hi Reiz,
Thanks so much for your detailed posts. I won't reply or comment on each of them, but I can say they shed a lot of light and have really answered my questions.

When I am trying to meditate and practising energy flow exercises, at some point I can feel plenty of energy and feel like "taking off", but I am unable to sustain the energy. It is like I have run out of steam or something. Are there any ways to overcome this?

What are your thoughts on food, exercise, sex and sleep? Do you sleep much, etc?

Also, the "statis" I was referring to is from this post Thread: Stasis, mini stasis, craft, Jupiter I mispelt "statis" with "statis".

 Quoting: Spotty 8452635

Drink lots of water, we don't actually know why but water seems to be energy fuel. I haven't been able to break that threshold either. It seems it needs a ridiculously large amount of energy to do. But like any muscle the more you use it the stronger it gets.

Food... I'm not a vegetarian, I'll never be one either. I know there's lots of people who say eating meat is pure evil and all that but really what makes eating lettuce any less barbaric? Here's a little song that spells it out pretty well if you're interested.

I think being generally fit and healthy is important although incredibly difficult in the world today. I do know it helps with energy and magic as well. The healthier your cells are the more energy they can produce and hold.

I don't know why sex gets such a bad rap in this area either. On one hand the argument is that its a lowly animalistic act that merely distracts people from the spiritual path. I would argue yes if by some miracle the sex you are having is purely unemotional. Even a one night stand has some emotion to it. I think the only time it could be like that is with rape. So lets break it into two categories, Sex, being unemotional. And love making, which is highly emotional.

At the end of the day I think sex can be very good for the soul.

And sleep? Sleep is awesome. Although I have noticed that when I sleep after certain types of meditation I'll only be out for an hour or two then I'm set for the day. And for others its the equivalent of having done an intense workout and I'll sleep for like 10+ hours sometimes. And sometimes the same type of meditation can fluctuate between energizing and draining me.

Like my recharge meditations where I focus on drawing in and storing energy instead of releasing it. Its almost like I'm in REM sleep while I'm still awake, and that's why I sleep so little. It's weird and I still don't quite get it.Sometimes this happens when I just run my energy as well, rev it up without really doing anything with it. So its best to say my sleep patterns are variable to say the least.

As for the stasis thing I'll have to come back to that.
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