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Message Subject N.W.O Tactics from someone who's experienced them firsthand
Poster Handle Reiz
Post Content
Right... well I got through video 1 of your "how to beat monsters" series anonymous dude from the Netherlands. I gotta say they must not have wanted him very badly because I didn't have the luxury of visualizing whatever I wanted most of the time. Oh I'd try at first, don't get me wrong. But it would be just as imaginary as it would be here.

This is why Reikara and I make the distinction between the ASTRAL plane and the SPIRIT place. All that imaginary stuff works great in the astral, it doesn't work at all in the spirit world. There, you'd better know actual hand to hand combat or how to use a weapon no different than you would down here. And then you develop magic, just as you can develop down here. Just as Reikara and I ARE developing down here.

I can tell by what he described that his opponents were exclusively using broadcast types of attacks. And its literally only because of that that he could have such an easy time dealing with them.

Broadcasted energy is like getting hit with a fine, fine mist of water. Its so diffuse that you can just tune your aura to deflect and it doesn't even touch you. Its extremely low level stuff that probably everyone does everyday without even knowing it. You get all pissed at someone, you're broadcasting that energy, you don't even need to be "awake" for it.

But its that "Nothing can hurt me" mentality that is dangerous and what Reikara and I lack.

Although his thing about stopping the heart is good. I've had that tried on me a lot of times, heart starts racing out of control for no reason and I have to tell it to stop. It would especially happen when I'm very relaxed or even asleep. So that part is definitely legit as far as I'm concerned.
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