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Message Subject N.W.O Tactics from someone who's experienced them firsthand
Poster Handle Reiz
Post Content
While we're on the topic of frustration and movies, there are several movies I physically cannot watch. Not because I can't access them, but because I'd have a heart attack in rage if I tried.

Top of my list: The Day the Earth Stood Still.

I saw the trailer on TV and started pacing in a foaming at the mouth rage about how much Klatuu and everyone else who sanctioned actions like that needed a taste of their own genocidal medicine so they could know what it feels like. I managed to read the synopsis on wikipedia and even that was almost too much.

One of the reasons I do what I do is because I love finding the people who genuinely do not care about others and use them as toys or mass murder out of self righteousness like Klatuu and making them suffer the exact same way. I think I would present as a sociopath if I were ever tested to be honest. But its specifically the really fucking horrible people that I care about. And that's why I hunt them, or would if I didn't do this whole incarnation thing.

I've been a victim of people like that, and so I developed this mentality that you should never do things you don't want done to you. Its also the reason I have an underlying prejudice against celestials and other immortals because the suffering was usually at their hands. And if you do do it with full knowledge of what you're doing ten you've just given me a warrant to do it to you as well because clearly its something you want done to yourself. That's kinda how I say it to myself anyways.

Its why I don't lash out in anger at the NWO, I know there's a few who really don't give a fuck, but the vast majority do it because they're forced to or because they genuinely and legitimately don't realize the damage its doing because they might be getting lied to about their own job, etc. The only people who are the enemy are the ones who genuinely know what it is they're doing and don't care.

Its also because of these peoples superiority complex that I've pushed myself so hard and so far throughout all this time. And if there's one piece of media that I can resonate with more than anything else its this:

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