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Message Subject N.W.O Tactics from someone who's experienced them firsthand
Poster Handle Reiz
Post Content
Hi Reiz,
Thanks again for your reply. You are really helping myself and everyone on this forum with your honest information.

Sorry about the link, it looks like I put a "." after it. Even though you know what the "stasis" is, here is the correct link if you are interested:
- Thread: Stasis, mini stasis, craft, Jupiter

Reiz, if we are still always confined to this physical body and this earth, what is really the point of unleashing our untapped power and energy when the entire world is still asleep? Are we really entering a 4th and 5th dimension of awareness?

Thanks and I am going to practice my energy techniques.
 Quoting: Spotty 8452635

We aren't trapped on earth or in our physical bodies. Its just that there's no paradise out there. There's no land of pure love and bliss and fluffy bunnies.

Interstellar, interplanar (what you guys call 3D, 5D etc are referred to as Planes in my terminology), Interdimensional travel... all of that is possible. You go off anywhere else to learn more and more and more.

Just play nice with the locals or someone like me might come after you >_>

Short term I just want people to be able to defend themselves and wake up. Medium term I want the world to be freed from the control of outsiders ad make humanity here sovereign again. Long term I just want to be myself again.

My reason for trying to merge is simply so I can be myself again. I don't feel that this body is "my" body at all. And I also feel that I should be on standby in case something massive does happen.
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