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Message Subject N.W.O Tactics from someone who's experienced them firsthand
Poster Handle WeAreOne
Post Content
Hi WeAreOne,
Thanks for your reply.

I read your previous posts. Did you ever discover what specifically sucked you into such a dark place? After a few years something happened to me mentally and I was sucked into a very dark place." You said it may have been something you shouldn't have seen?

You also said "I have known since a child that I was going to witness the end of days and a new beginning"... and ""The end of days" has a different meaning to me" What do you mean by this?

When are you asking the question: ""I do not meditate / process because______" ."' During meditation? Also, is the answer popping into your head after "because" or are you guessing reasons?

Thanks for the "Waiting for Cousteau" by Jean Michelle Jarre suggestion and ascension101.com link, I am going to read through that website. There is a heap of information on it.

Much love to everyone in this thread.hf
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 8452635

I'm waiting for tonight after work and I'll see if I can start unraveling what happened. At the moment I honestly don't know. I think I went too far and discovered something I was not ready for. My own mind put up walls to protect me. This protection cost me 10 years of memories.

Time is a human concept which doesn't exist elsewhere. We live in a multi-dimensional universe with threads of multi-existence (Time-lines so-to-speak). The end of days is moving to a new level of consciousness and awareness. Frequencies and energy waves are far more important than anyone realises and understanding the raw power of them will set us free. "We are One" is humanities key to bringing about a new awareness. We have been separated by design and these revelations will surface in the not-too distant future. I know this sounds new age but it isn't when looked at in the purest sense.

One example of what I mean by frequency and energy waves is Lakhovsky's Multiple Wave Oscillator (Tesla had a hand in this). More information here:
[link to altered-states.net]

His fate and his research disappearing has been repeated many times by scientists working with energy. Free energy has been around for decades but it is again being suppressed and hidden.

I have delved deep into this and it is a HUGE rabbit hole leading right back to the pyramids. Did you know the oldest battery found is 2,000 years old? [link to en.wikipedia.org]

Sorry I side-tracked but this path was both awe-inspiring and an incredible journey of discovery for me.

As for the questions it was my inner-self answering. I had to relax and clear my mind before I could get the answers. Best advice I can give? Listen to your heart not your mind to see if the answer is true or not. You will know when it is.

We all have the power to change this time-line and untied we can end suffering. Just saying "NO, I will NOT engage in this fear" is enough to start changing your frequency. If enough people are doing it things will change.

I have no fear and the deepest inner-peace you could ever imagine. Everyone is my equal and I hate no race, class or religion. We really are all one.
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