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Message Subject N.W.O Tactics from someone who's experienced them firsthand
Poster Handle WeAreOne
Post Content
I'm going to expand on this a little...

There are so many false flags that it is very difficult to know what is and what isn't true. When you research always make sure you research both your find and the debunking.

The first time I saw the Matrix I was stunned. Everything I had been feeling all my life was encapsulated in a film. I could't believe it.

There are so many truths in that film it is staggering and it was us being used as a battery that lead me down this new path and it blew my mind!

You have to step completely aside from everything to really start to understand our past, our present and our future. Our history is an unbelievable lie and our science isn't any better. We live in a web of lies and each dot is incredible in itself but once you start finding the dots you will be amazed how things start connecting together. I have only researched a dozen strands but they all interweave with each other in absolute precision. It is simply awesome cool2

I have uncovered so much but you really have to discover it yourself to fully understand why we are here now and why so many are awakening. It is an incredible journey!
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