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Message Subject N.W.O Tactics from someone who's experienced them firsthand
Poster Handle Reiz
Post Content
man sorry for not replying all day yet. I've been kinda enjoying the downtime. Seems my theory on getting that hidden energy moving might be right.

The chakra I can use flows freely, but the rest of it is frozen solid. Like I said before its not really that its hidden just inaccessible. So I've been seeing if I can melt it with the little chakra I do have avaliable.

In my Training Energy discussion I reference "The Bully Dream" quite a lot. Its because that is the only time I've ever managed to tap into that energy. Ever since I've been trying to replicate that event physically. Problem is that I was in an incredibly high stress situation then fighting for my life and that's not something I can replicate out here. So I've been thinking about what would've happened mechanically inside me that made all that ice break away and get swept up by the river to melt. Because it was a LOT.

I've also been working on the theory that since I was in physical form (etheric body, energy copy of your physical body) in that dream then the same power must also rest in my physical body. I won't really know till I melt it all.

It also turns out that my dream of somehow ending up in Reikara's house the night before the Russians came wasn't really a dream. She asked me if I'd dreamed of going to her place after I signed off last night and explained that she could plainly physically hear some guy call her name while in the shower. Which should be impossible considering her roommate is a girl and she was sleeping at the time and they know literally no one else.

Her story did match perfectly with my dream. I found myself there, somehow knew it was her place, and figured she was the one in the bathroom. I was going to say "[Reikara] Guess what? I'm here!" or something like that but as soon as I started I could hear water running in there. So all I got out was "Ree" before realizing she was in the shower and so I figured I'd leave and come back when she wasn't busy.

I also figured that if she thought I was there period at a time like that.... she'd kill me.

This kinda makes the whole Russian phantom commando unit in my house thing make a lot more sense now. Considering I was able to physically manifest complete with at least some abilities entirely on the other side of the world and such.... I think that might set off just a few alarms for the NWO military. And they don't like me as it is.

Then again for all I know that was actually my support. I never did ask about it. I should probably do that instead of just jumping to conclusions. I also have to work on my dream recall >_>

Now I just have to be able to replicate and control that phenomenon at will. >:D
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