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Message Subject N.W.O Tactics from someone who's experienced them firsthand
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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Op thanks for responding to the video,

Couple of questions:

What exactly is the difference between the astral planes and spirit planes? Is the astral somewhat only connected with earth?

What did you found out about our history meaning when it all started to going downwards, and before the "corruption" what was the nature of that reality?

What part do these aliens/inter-dimensionals play in our reality they sure have invested allot of their energy in our earth reality...?

So as you said the higher self is actually our spirit, its already within us "its us as we truly are" imo. Now how come people in the astral have supposed contact with their "higher self" as an external being, could this be one of the inter dimensionals "acting", deceiving you it is your higher self kind of agenda being played?

 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1344892

All of this is theoretical at this point but I think the astral is a big mixing zone between planes. The spirit plane seems very solid compared to the astral, almost like the two aren't connected at all. I've been thinking that the astral is kinda like all the fuzz and static before you tune to a radio station. Really I don't know though. Beyond knowing that the astral is very moldable compared to the spirit plane I can't say anything for sure. But the fact that it is so moldable leads me to believe its very individual as well, and thus till largely in the realm of the imagination.

Although the spirit plane is also technically moldable it is nowhere near as easy. Everything you do in the spirit plane requires actual mental and physical effort no different than here. And environments are completely out of your control just like here. You'd need some pretty advanced skill with energy to be able to attempt what you can do so easily in the astral. With the exception of your sacred garden because everything in that is of you.

"The only thing you can truly control is yourself."

That's a good line to remember to gauge whether you're in the spirit or astral planes. I still have a hard time though because I'm so used to reading the intentions of others that sometimes I'm confused whether peoples actions and words are really theirs or if I made them say it. But there's a "pull" feeling when its real and a "push" when it comes from me so I'm using that to judge now.

as for the history , corruption, and why so much effort is invested here I'll have to come back to that later. I'm still gathering information on that but I do have quite an interesting story so far but its long so I'll tell it later.

My spirit body like Reikara's are physical bodies we've had in the past. Or maybe they're the combination of traits of all the physical bodies we've ever had. I don't really know. But there is no mistaking that my spirit looks almost exactly like my previous body, complete with my pitch black claymore and wraith robes. I've been wondering if, like my etheric body here, my spirit body is just the etheric form of the body I soul transferred from. That would explain quite a lot actually but I have no way of knowing if its true.

I don't think its a case of aliens playing trick on us though. Both Reikara and I had to link with our spirits before we could use that form and its skills and experience. I may know what I'm doing with a sword up there, I have all that knowledge. But because I haven't physically practiced that with this body I still wouldn't be any good and I recognize that. However I'd probably be able to learn much faster though. My spirit however handles all sorts of weapons and acrobatics and all that like its second nature but that's only because for that body it really is second nature. I find I'm even mentally different up there, and yet it all feels so real as if its happening down here. Its just that that body has all that experience that this one lacks, that's why it feels so much easier.

With our linkage came a personality change for us down here as we became like we were in the past as well as an easier time accessing memories and knowledge. I think in some cases there might me aliens wanting to trick you but I don't think its all the time. I'm also not really sure how to teach someone to link their spirit because I'm not sure if mine was ever really separate from me to begin with.
 Quoting: Reiz

Thanks for the answer.

I recalled that the astral/spirit plane by some people who experienced it would say its just as physical as you here. It depends at what kind of "radiostation" you are tuned. Its called by some our real reality, with your real body.

By researching others almost said the same as you that the astral plane is not "the real deal" that the reality beyond that is where we should be at.

Looking forward when you going more indepth of what you have found.
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