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Message Subject N.W.O Tactics from someone who's experienced them firsthand
Poster Handle Reiz
Post Content
Yeah I know Channeling can be dangerous, I've have channels hijacked before. But the thing is I notice when they've been hijacked and so stop it where some others just don't pay attention I guess.

And I have never and likely will never go beyond 50% possession because I don't want to lose control of my body to anyone, even Nareisha.

I also have a habit of not accepting information I don't already have, so if she tries giving me something like a chemistry formula to describe a "Super Patriot" drug I resist it to the point where I just don't get it. Something that annoys her a lot for good reason. I mean think about it, She and others have been off doing stuff that I haven't and they've proven their reality more than a few times and not just in minor ways. It makes sense they'd know stuff I don't in specific detail. But I just can't accept it, too afraid of getting and spreading false information that I haven't had the ability to personally verify.

I have this "It's not real until I say so" attitude which I've really got to work on because its a bit extreme.

As an example of information I've been told that I can't verify and thus can't trust.

Supposedly there was an experiment done that somehow involved the Greys that took place at a facility constructed at the bottom of the ocean awhile back. Supposedly whatever faction did this cloned a bunch of humans from various ethnic groups and put them in this underwater lab. The experiment was to test what was supposedly a "super patriot" drug to induce an strong "us and them" mentality. But apparently something went wrong with the experiment because the supposedly soulless clones became too aggressive and the whole thing kinda degenerated into a Bioshock like Rapture environment although supposedly not as bad or horrific or super powered.

Supposedly another one of my friends gathered this information by possessing someone, possibly a soldier from somewhere sent to check on this place, who also told me that in the end they needed to destroy the whole facility because there was no way to salvage anything and it was too dangerous to leave unattended. This also supposedly had no connection to chemtrails that they could find.

They've told me of facilities like this before as well, some of which have also needed to be destroyed because of "failed experiments" after useful intel was gathered.

Now there is physically no way for me to possibly verify that any of this actually happened. But at the same time the details I was given make logical sense. A facility like that at the bottom of the ocean is a perfect lab environment. You have total control of the the air, the food, the light, everything that goes into the facility. And a patriot drug does sound like something that would be useful to not just the NWO. But at the end of the day I cannot go and see for myself, I cannot get video of any of this, I can't verify it in any way shape or form.

So how can I really trust it?
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