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Message Subject N.W.O Tactics from someone who's experienced them firsthand
Poster Handle Reiz
Post Content
Naturally the other option is that the local Geo-magnetic field is resonating.... but that just didn't seems right to me. I would think that if it was the GMF it would just produce variable hums in the sky. That or maybe snaps. This on the other hand produces a very regular pattern of sound at a regular interval (at least for the first 3).

I suppose its possible that what it is is a tightly wound field line snapping and then resonating across the sky but that seems a bit of a stretch for this video in my opinion. Still possible, just unlikely.

This is why I think its still possible to be a weapon of some type. Regular sound pattern, regular interval, and all consistent with the firing of a very large beam cannon witht he sound tapering off as the beam dissipates.

A beam cannon utilizes a beam often because the capacitor system powering it can store more energy than the gun itself can actually handle. So instead of blowing up the gun the energy is not released all at once but in a constant flow.

So you get this big fat beam that then tapers until all the energy is used up. That way you didn't waste any of the energy in the capacitors.

I also forgot theres another way to create phantom mass and that is through tightly wound magnetic fields.

If anyone knows how Ball Lightning works then you know how to make your own beam rifle. It's been a whil;e since I've built one of these but I'll try my best to explain. You take three points of electricity generation, two to form the ball and a third to spin it. You give that ball a very limited space to exist in so that it is forced to compress. Then you have either a fourth point of electricity to propel the spinning magnetic ball forward or you magnetize the whole chamber so it acts like a railgun. Boom, instant beam rifle. Best way to do this is to utilize the "ether" as Tesla called it ( I think) so that you constantly recharge your capacitors/batteries of the huge amount of power that takes. It's also been a long time since I've built one of those but if I remember correctly it involves double induction. That is, induction on both sides of a transformer as opposed to just the one. You dig into the ether, stir it up a bunch, and then have that stirred up energy flow into whatever vessel you want. And generally you can stir up a lot more energy than it takes to do the stirring. My favorite analogy is that its like opening the gates of a hydroelectric dam. the water flows out and spins the turbines. But the only energy you put into the system as whatever it took to open the gates.

I know that the NWO utilizes beam weaponry like this, although in my experience it was all vehicle or installation mounted. I didn't really find anyone who carried around little rifles although I have little doubt they exist by now.

The other thing I noticed was that the beams were predominately green. If any of you knows your physics you know what colors actually mean.

If I ionize the air at certain nanometer frequencies I will produce photons in the visible light spectrum. Lowest energy is red, highest is violet. Likewise you should know that the energy of a photon is directly related to its frequency. So lets say you take a bunch of low energy photons and smush them all together, what do you get? Well one high energy one of course. And thus one high frequency one, and thus something that may be able to either ionize the air, a phenomenon in physics known as "Saint Elmo's Fire" and is known to affect mountain climbers picks when they are at high altitudes when a thunderstorm is nearby, or give off a "mist" of high energy photons that are visible as light.

Now for those of you who believe I'm full of "New Age Fluff" this will all still probably go over your ignorant little heads because you are so close minded and judge my information based on your societal programming of what you were told is real and what is not. Kinda like how a hardcore Christian or Muslim judges truth based on what is written in the book of their choice and what is told to them by the people in robes of their choice. That or maybe you just didn't bother reading anything I've written.

For the rest of you I invite you to try building one of these things for yourself. Sorry, I haven't done the hard math in quite awhile now so I've forgotten most of the equations I derived. But hey, I did give you the theoretical underpinnings, so you could always use that to prove me right or wrong if that's what you want.

Anyways, this discussion seems to have wandered away from anything to really do with tactics. I don't really have much else to say on the matter unless I start getting into military tactics which I'm kinda hesitant to do. But if people keep giving me questions I'll keep trying to answer to the best of my ability.
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