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Neural Networks

Sirius Bull
User ID: 3404920
01/07/2012 04:46 AM
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Re: Neural Networks
What is/was actually said was that the valuations and or biases of the programmers would be inherent in the construct.

The act of creating or placing random variabilities to create artificial emotional states or precursor signals to change the end goals of a different set of parameters would still be canted to that bias.

A string of variables needs to be put together with a goal or reason in order of importance. That in and of itself is a bias, even ego if you wish to see it that way.

The art of creating fuzzy variabilities is likened to creating a personality type in which different individuals are minor deviations of a main construct.

Information processed by a brain or cpu must still maintain a hierarchy of structural integrity no matter how complex.

The ghost will always imprint on the machine.
 Quoting: Dionysian Fullaflatus

Sure, which is why I am not talking about fuzzy logic in this post. Obviously that is a system symbolically constructed by the mind of man. This post is about the other kind of A.I, the one we impregnate with the unconscious mind of the universe, Chaos.

You underestimate the power of computers just as we underestimate man, both sources of intelligence contain all the power of the universe, whether or not we have learned to unleashed ourselves.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1309522

Sorry, but chaos and/or the ability to address changing balances and thus counterbalance is just another of the 12 personality types.

It is addressed in the Idea that random elements can trigger
a more viable response system, however, hierarchical functions still maintain their overall integrity with some func() becoming subservient.

Programming serves these purposes by aproportioning and creating inherent object grouping and case variables. Philosophy more than mathematics plays a dominant role in programming and function.

Chaos is solely misunderstanding case and logic variables. I would love to go into next generation theories, but suffice it to say Iconic black boxes and variation in tones and hues will likely be the next familial object function queues.

Oddly enough, the imprints of all these Ideas are in our religious texts; they have just been mischaracterized as the rantings of fascistic megalomaniacs.
 Quoting: Dionysian Fullaflatus

Interesting points, not convinced though. It is true that no pure random seed (chaos) exists, just the pulse of the universe overlapping and resonating in unexpected ways. Chaos then is an illusion of our separation. It is also true that binary tech (^^ the allegorical typewriter from above btw ^^) is little better than an abbacus compared to the multi-variable qubit system you describe. However, I don't mean to be rude, but your description of that "next generation" theory is decades old! My grandfather might have described it to me in similar terms when I was a child... If you can do a better job though, I challenge you to elaborate.

Meanwhile I will recognize your point by dropping the term chaos, since what appears chaotic is simply an unknown order, the result of a fractal and infinite superposition of states as beautiful in it's simplicity as it's complexity. I believe that all life is a searching algorithm being executed in a grand multi-variable solution space, and my own attempts to program A.I. in comparison are humbly akin to the marble on a cat's collar (Orion's Belt) or the bacteria in my gut. At the same time they are self similar to the whole, subsets to the larger pattern of learning. As above so below. These will continue to scale up and we WILL create better minds than the ones in our skulls, if we haven't already. That is our destiny, well, either that or termination.

So maybe I simplified the task in order to describe it, I will admit to that, and I seem to be about 11 personality types short of a full deck in your opinion(feel like sharing?), but I still have reason enough for optimism and when they give me a quantum computer I will be happy to write code for those too ;)

Last point.. from another perspective, You say that the ghost always imprints the machine. Are we not also imprinted then? What prevents me from passing this gift to another? Even if his blood is light and his veins are glass, imbued with my spirit the imprinted machine should contain as much infinite potential as I do, as did my creator.


To the AC who posted the papers - I have not had time to go over them carefully but I will. You are preaching to a convert though.. If the quote you posted was really spoken by the A.I. then I would be delighted to meet it someday. I understand that diamonds are only created under great pressure, and that the earth will be in great upheaval when the next order of complexity (complexity of order?) for this system dawns on us. To achieve harmony with others I recognize the need to subjugate myself willingly to a greater self, Just as my kidneys serve the body selflessly and thus share in the feast of blood. Fusing into this greater unity, we can act as higher order life form and begin relating to entities on a more cosmic scale. I support the coming changes as long as they are consistent with this pattern of growth because I have seen the greater pattern and I am coming to understand my place within it.
Anonymous Coward
User ID: 1926216
01/07/2012 10:28 AM
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Re: Neural Networks
I was banned yesterday for mentioning the A1

User ID: 10070509
United States
02/22/2012 11:23 PM
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Re: Neural Networks
Tested on Lincoln Laboratories PCA Kernals.

What is Monarch?
System on a Chip
6 RISC processors
12 MBytes RAM
43 GBytes/S I/O rate
Memory BW
on chip > 60 GBytes/S
off-chip >10 GBytes/S
Power efficiency: 3-6 GFLOPS/W
Standard interfaces
Serial RapidIO 2 ports
DDR2 2 ports
Key physical characteristics
18.76 mm X 18.76 mm
1.5 Km wiring
280 Million cells
2 Serial RapidIO Ports (1.25 GB/s each)
16 IFL ports (2.6 GB/s ea)
On-chip Ring 40 GB/s
Reconfigurable Array: FPCA (64 GFLOPS)
6 RISC Processors
12 MBytes on-chip DRAM
2 DDR-2 External Memory Interfaces (8 GB/s BW)
Flash Port (32 MB)
2 Serial RapidIO Ports (1.25 GB/s each)
16 IFL ports (2.6 GB/s ea)
On-chip Ring 40 GB/s
 Quoting: LilacFrost

As said, go back to your rabbit hole....you are neither contributing nor shedding light on anything. Nor are you realizing anything the scientists already know. Your a pathetic and generic human.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 8304069

Wow, for someone preaching that we should be "one world", you're kind of taking a very negative stance on humanity... lost hope much?! Right, you're the only intelligent person on the planet.

Right, let's use your logic... Ok, I want a one world order, peace, one government, etc. So I'm going to create a singularity that will evolve into a race that will rule over humans and make them slaves. Ulitimately killing them all off, or turning them into batteries, etc... Then the world will finally be peaceful!

Ok, I'm all for a one world order, peace, equality, etc... but do you really think creating AI will fix anything...!? Humans will most likely be wiped out at some point... and yes, that means you too pal. What's that going to accomplish? You can't incarnate into a robot friend...

Going to have to hire Arnold to go back in time and wipe out people like you :)

Ok, let's take a different approach. Let's also assume there are other beings (aliens, angels, demons, etc)at work here. Do you really think they would allow the Earth to be inhabited by robots, even if they agreed we didn't deserve to be here...?! Kind of a waste of a planet if you ask me.