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Message Subject Why do christians join the military?
Poster Handle A Voice In The Wilderness
Post Content
Why Not? Nothing in scripture precludes participation in the military. "Some" christian denominations that tend toward being overly legalistic in regards to doctrine equate military with killing and killing being prohibited by one of the Ten Commandments. In truth, the commandment is to not "murder", very different from killing to protect ones own life, ones family, the life of another or in a just cause. So, to answer your question(s)...yes as a Christian, I am capable and prepared to kill FOR THE RIGHT REASON. The problem now is that the lines and reasons have been blurred so much by people like some of the anti-christian idiots who wouldn't know a real christian if they met one and absolutely wouldn't know anything about sound biblical doctrine if their life depended on it.....which oddly enough it does.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 7453416

Clearly you haven't read the Bible.
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