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Message Subject Why do christians join the military?
Poster Handle The_Mhael
Post Content
Nah..christians LOVE murder.

Every time you disagree with them..in their hearts rises a self righteous loathing of you..a wishing of hell and death on you..and inside..deep down..they have already murdered you in their heart.

According to Jesus..its as GOOD as murder.

But some will join the military so they can put into practice what most of them only wish to do.

Its all about DOOM and DEATH with them.

Thay are OBSESSED with it.

Anytime there is doom they all have a doomgasm screaming.. "GREAT..all this DOOM and DEATH and MISERY means JESUS is coming back and we can get outta here like the COWARDS we are while all those SINNERS we wanted DEAD...FINALLY DIE..as they deserve...for DARING not to beleive us and out crazed blood obsessed rantings.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 0

You are gravely mistaken.

Christianity is about unconditional love and a relationship with your Creator.
Seeking Him because you want to seek Him, and in turn, he fills you with His Spirit. Although, do not be lead to believe that the life of a Christian is an easy one. True Christians are persecuted and attacked on a daily basis.
Living the life Christ describes and truly wishes us to live is one of the most difficult tasks one can undertake and a main reason there are so many false/failed Christians in the world.
Would you be willing to sell all you had and live a life dedicated to helping the lame, the poor and the sick? Would you be willing to entrust all of your life, family, savings, and earthly possessions at the foot of the cross?
Christ hates the sin, yet loves the sinner. No one is beyond redemption. Do not mistake the falsehood of Christianity you see in the media for the reality that is Christ's message. Read the entirety of the Scriptures and then come to a conclusion.
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