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Message Subject Why do christians join the military?
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Even as a kid stuck in church I realized that the Christian goodness was a facade.

From the minister that reeked of last nights alcohol to the hypocrites that judged each other 6 days a week and pretended to like each other for a couple of hours on Sundays, to the do as I say not as I do laughable sermons coming from the pulpit. Oh and the money thing as well. Gotta pay to play.

I never understood the promotion of war through the singing of hymns.
If I could see this at age 8, what the heck was wrong with all the adults. Oh yeah, they were brainwashed.

I blame this hymn for the acceptance of war.

 Quoting: Madame X

This song always reminds of the Emperor Constantine and how he founded Christianity by forcing it on the rest of the Roman Empire through war and conquest. That's how Christianity got its start. He could have been channeling that song to the writer from the afterlie, it's so apt.
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