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Message Subject GOD has certainly revealed hIS LOVE for the world through hIS only begotten son JESUS CHRIST !!! [[Summary Page 33]]
Poster Handle Once4All
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Jesus: What can we say about a man who had a historical death and ressurection and then appeared to many to show that "death" is not the end but only a new beginning???

Jesus: The only name by which true miracles continue to happen even to this very day. In his life he healed the sick and performed various other miracles to prove that he, indeed, is the only begotten Son of God. To this day there is no other name by which blind eyes are opened, cripple people walk, and the deaf are made to hear. While modern medicine can correct some of these problems, Jesus continues to perform these miracles without any possible scientific or medical explanation.

Jesus: The Son of God prophesied to return to earth as the King of Kings. With trumpet blast and angelic escort He will claim his throne in Jerusalem from where he left. "Why are you standing here looking into the sky" the angel said, "This same Jesus will return..." And, yet, to those who love Him He will return as a Servant King, One who will lavish wonderful gifts upon those who love Him.

Jesus: The man many have met through their out of body experiences or "near death experiences." Common human experience reveals that for those who were pronounced dead but then came back to life have one of two experiences. Either they go to a horrible place like a living nightmare or they go to a beautiful, peaceful place they regret leaving. Some have even met Jesus in the afterlife and returned to write books to tell their story. Even modern psychology admits that "death" is not the end of our jouney in this life.

Jesus: The focal point of human history. Indeed, time itself is divided according to his life. Now, over 2 thousand years since his birth. "Jesus", the only Name on the lips of all, Saints and sinners alike.

Jesus: A friend to all of the oppressed and broken hearted. It is not by accident that the "poor in spirit" are the ones who call out to Him. The amazing truth is that - to this very day - he answers with signs and wonders just as he did when he walked with his friends in Israel long ago. There are so many stories in the Scriptures where someone called out to Jesus and he responded with loving kindness. Won't YOU call out to Jesus in love today?

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