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The Freedom Prayer

the white rose
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United States
01/07/2012 04:05 PM
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The Freedom Prayer
TO ALL, I am standing as a son of the soil under the Sovereign Creator of the Universe.Outside the BAR with a prayer on the land and I do not wish to be forced to pray to the BAR,with court of fiction or other false idols. Let the record show that I am the absolute biological property of the Creator and heir to the Covenant.The Bible and the Urantia Book are my only Law. May I remind you that in God we trust remains the operative currency of the United States.I am not a child of the State,a ward of the State Corporation or Legal fiction name on a piece of paper.
The Creator has granted me full authority of my own affairs. Since you have pledged allegiance to one nation under God any attempt to force me to pray inside the BAR or impose the United States Federal Corporation statutes on this non corporate living man is an attack on The Creator Himself and a violation of the Covenant.You and I are created equal in God's eyes I am not and can never be your subject .As a public servant you are a protector of my faith under God and under Caesar.
My law was commissioned by King George the first ancest to King George the third who signed the Treaty of Paris ,which recognized my Sovereignty over this administrative court.As my public servant you are expected to defend that treaty by defending my law at all times and insuring my safe passage thru the united states.
My offer in the presence of the Father in Heaven to settle this matter and make all parties whole is righteous.I authorize the use of my credit to pay all penal sums and expenses real or imagined .As a matter of law this matter is now settled.
As I am immune from your corporate impulses any further attack on me will comprise an enticement to commit treason and blasphemy by abandoning divine right only God can grant or terminate.
For the record I expressly wave all privileges from the U.S.federal corporation including the privilege of appearing,and I deny the existence of any contract for which I have knowingly agreed to submit to the United States as a pagan procedural phantom any such presumption is hereby defeated .
The only one capable of such witness,This biological Son of The ALMIGHTY in God's name. I AM THAT I AM. Freedom Prayer original author unknown. the white rose

User ID: 14463438
07/20/2012 10:54 AM
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Re: The Freedom Prayer