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Just tired of the delusional bullshit of hierarchies

User ID: 8389701
United Kingdom
01/08/2012 11:15 AM
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Just tired of the delusional bullshit of hierarchies
I was just watching the BBC news, which was talking about the absurd salaries and pay structures of the top CEOís, company bosses and executives in the private and public sectors, and the government response to investigate this current realities...i.e., their over inflated pay structures and greed versus their actual performances.

But hereís the thing that gets me angry every time.... all they talked about, was the usual surface issue regarding top people awarding themselves too much money than they deserve (especially their actions , performances and results that are often very questionable and dubious.
What gets me the most angry though is the deluded perception if they didnít get these salaries or increases they might move away overseas ...and we would then lose their supposed skills and expertise.. What fucking expertise ...the ability to cheat, defrauds, steal, manipulate, exploit or create artificial monopolies. Not being funny most street hustlers have that very same mindset and ability..you could employ millions of the little buggers to run these concerns and have the same results.

So why do we trust and put blind faith in all our divided and delusional hierarchies, that are all structured to ensure and allow only one figurehead, or leader, ruler etc at the top....when we already know two heads are far better than one and teamwork has even more potentials.

It makes me laugh, that out of nearly 7 billion people, we are stupidly forced to live under the rule and control of such a small artificial group of greedy, deluded and selfish power hungry morons..and we still accept that reality as the best way...complete madness really.
Anonymous Coward
User ID: 7731991
United States
01/08/2012 11:40 AM
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Re: Just tired of the delusional bullshit of hierarchies
Goes hand-in-hand with the fascist empire. Like bill Gates or the CEO of GM, they can run their companies into the ground while serving the greater empire, be it an engineered global economic collapse or something else, only to get their golden parachute.