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Is Ron Paul A Freemason?

Anonymous Coward
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01/08/2012 09:00 PM
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Is Ron Paul A Freemason?
[link to secretsun.blogspot.com]

The problem with talking about Freemasonry is that even though its role in American politics is well-documented, so many nutjobs have salted the fields and inspired a mass knee-jerk reaction when ever the subject is raised.

As I've said many times before this is not an Anti-Mason blog. In fact, seeing the rogue's gallery lined up against them-- snakehandlers, pantpissers, Hitler, Stalin and so on-- I am probably more anti-anti-Mason. And it's immensely entertaining to decipher all of the Masonic symbolism flying around out there, especially with the space programs. Sadly, Masons usually take exception to my interpretations, but that's the Internet for you.

My real concern is how Masonic and quasi-Masonic fraternities, secret societies and civic groups are used to foster privilege and exclusion. This becomes even more a pressing issue during an economic depression, when exclusion and lack of access can equal financial ruin for many people. Unfortunately, that's human nature and these groups are hardly the only offenders when it comes to cronyism and nepotism.

Ever since the rise of the Anti-Masonic Party in the early 19th Century, Masons have been accused of being duplicitous and pursuing hidden agendas. Scandals have erupted in the UK over corruption among Masonic police officers and judges, accusing them of both using and obscuring their Masonic allegiance to further the interests of their brothers.