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Message Subject Are freemasons bad?
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Masons are good men. The paranoia surrounding us these days is nonsense. However, even the suspicion has its purpose in things. Masons are men who attempt to live a Godly life. If that's bad, i don't want to be good.
 Quoting: simultaneous_final


As long as it does not include obeying God's word - the Bible.

They cannot make up their own god.

These masonic knights serve the pope in Rome. That is their only god, the empire.
 Quoting: J 7731991


The Catholic church likes to kick you out if you become a Freemason. I have a Catholic friend who joined and he has to keep the knowledge of his membership from his church. They have the knights of Columbus as their lodge.

Masons have some criteria to join.
You must be a man, you must have of good moral character, you must have no criminal record, and you must believe in the one true God.

Shriners are Masons. You have to become a master Mason before you can be a Shriner. Shriners as you know have a lot of hospitals and give free care to children.

Freemasons are very moral people, usually the pillars of their community. They usually are very active in some way within the community to help better it.

The King James Version of the Holy Bible is the centerpiece, on an alter, in a Masons lodge.

I am a master Mason and can tell you that all the conspiracy theories about Masonry are crap.

The books written by men who claimed to be ex-Masons are not factual and most are completely lies. They just wanted to make money by sensationalism.
They know that Freemasons find it hard to debunk them because the proceedings of the lodge are secret.

Whenever something is secret people seem to envision all kinds of evil events happening behind those closed doors. LOL
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